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The challenge lies in the oil and gas industry of BE Petrothai, which targets a very niche group and makes it difficult to understand the business. They have been using traditional media for a long time and now aim to transition to a more online media approach to reach petroleum engineers and top management related to this industry.


We conducted a brand health check to analyze the brand's voice online and marketing communication, using search trends and social listening tools, finding low visibility. Therefore, the primary objectives are to build brand awareness and focus on media placement related to news, petroleum communities, and relevant keywords through 3 online media touchpoints :


- Targeting contextual keywords that align with their search queries or content consumption related to oil and gas products

and news channels on YouTube about business and economy.

- Utilizing responsive display ads, generated by Google's AI, to create banner ad combinations for websites,

apps, YouTube, and Gmail. This approach resulted in an improved CTR% of up to 3%, surpassing the benchmark of 0.3%.


- Grouping keywords into four ad groups that focus on specific products and services names, such as

"Process Burner," "Mass Transfer," "Gas Turbine," and "Customer Success."

- Enhancing visibility on Google search by adding site links and using responsive search ads to adapt and

display relevant messages to customers, thereby optimizing CTR%.


- Raising awareness through banner ads and establishing a brand image via articles on specific websites

related to energy and petroleum.


GDN : CTR 2-3% and CPC lower than benchmark 50%

SEM : 1st position on Google search with 95% impression share

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