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GHB Buddy


The Government Housing Bank aims to enhance customer service and streamline support processes using the Line Official Account.

This channel replicates the GHBALL mobile app experience, transmitting news, transaction details, and notifications. It strengthens digital banking capabilities and expands services, including transaction alerts, balance updates, and loan approvals.


According to the survey results, it has been revealed that more than 80% of the Thai population utilizes the LINE application as their preferred communication platform and for accessing financial information or conducting financial transactions. This significant trend has prompted numerous banks to adopt the utilization of LINE Official Account as a formal communication channel to engage with their customers.


Acknowledging the prevalent usage of the LINE application among the majority of Thai individuals, MCFIVA has undertaken the task of designing the UX/UI and implementing various functions on LINE GHB BUDDY. This strategic approach enables the consolidation of customer transaction information into a unified and user-friendly platform, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined user experience.


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