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Sunmum brand aimed to become a leading mom and kids product brand on online channels. However, their products weren't the first choice for parents when considering purchases for their kids. Therefore, the objectives were to build product awareness and increase online sales through their e-commerce website and social media channels.


First, we analyzed the UX/UI of the e-commerce website to improve the sales journey and funnel. This includes identified drop-off rates during sessions and evaluated the effectiveness of the ad messages used, ensuring they aligned with parent insights. For online media touchpoints,

2 platforms were utilized :


- We used ad objectives that led consumers to view the product and start conversations or order easily. And aimed to maximize visitors on the

e-commerce platform to collect data. This involved utilizing "Send Message" and "Traffic" options, followed by conversion/CPAS to increase sales volume.

- Audience targeting was divided into 3 Adsets: Kids' products, Parenting, and Retargeting. Moreover, a look-alike audience was created based on website visits, purchases within the last 180 days, and message interactions.


- Keywords were grouped into 3 ad groups: brand, competitor's names, and product-related terms such as "Breast Milk,"

"Plastic product," and "Zipper bag."

- To optimize click-through rates (CTR%), responsive search ads were used to adapt and display relevant messages to customers.


Visitors on the e-commerce website increased by 43%

Online sales volume grew by 26%

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