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Krungsri Finnovate


Krungsri Finnovate aims to increase awareness of FinTech-related activities and core mission among investors and startups, and create more engagement on social media under the concept of "Growing Together".


MCFIVA conducted a market overview and discovered that competitors in the industry emphasizes role as a provider, educator or trendsetter. We think that Krungsri Finnovate able to communicate in differentiation concept from others brand.


Communicate through the concept "HIGHWAY TO PIVOT YOUR INVESTMENT GOALS" to create differentiation by :

• Establishing a page persona as the "Highway to Success" through a character who works smart, but not hard.

• Using a content strategy to present content in a shortcut format to success for the target audience, based on insights from investors and startups.

• Establishing content pillars through 4 areas :

        • Highway of Incubation : Short-cut incubation for startups.

        • Highway of Initiation : Collaborative business development through short-cuts.

        • Highway of Investment : Short-cut of funds selection for investors.

        • Highway of First Mover : Updating new tech trends from around the world.

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