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Goodyear, the world's largest tire manufacturer, continuously innovates to offer the best driving experience and performance.

They aim to establish brand awareness and credibility as technology explorers through digital media.


The media planner team researched the digital media landscape and found short-form videos to be a strategic priority due to their significant performance advantage. They also analyzed the consumer journey, identifying media consumption behaviors that drive increased brand awareness.


The strategy to maximize awareness and frequency by using Facebook, YouTube, GDN, and SEM. Define target groups for each channel based on the Target persona of each Product campaign. Aim for the audience to see the ads at least twice.


     A/B test Ad creative, focus on tire changers, and specific location ad top 30 high-performing dealer branches for maximum relevancy. 


     Target audience with relevant Affinity and In-market interests, advertising on channels like "Autolifethailand official" and "Go went Go." 


     Utilize GDN Responsive Ads, we optimize ad performance by combining top-performing creative versions. Our targeted placements on popular         websites like,, and ensure maximum visibility to the desired audience.


     We conduct an analysis target audience search behavior, cross-check with website keywords, create effective ad texts. Our strategy is using       

     generic keywords for car tire edges and highlight features like ”ยางนุ่มเงียบ" and "ยางขอบ 17"


Facebook Achieved KPIs by 114%   I   YouTube achieved KPIs by 115%

SEM achieved KPIs by 130%    I   SEM of CTR% is higher than the benchmark 1.7X

GDN achieved KPIs by 130%   I   GDN of CTR% is higher than the benchmark  115%

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