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The visitors from tourist in Central Village has decreased. Therefore, we need to revise content strategy on Instagram in order to :

• Attract more of our target audience to visit Central Village.

• Improve the effectiveness of our social media performance.


The problem is mostly content are promotional. And we found the key insights of the reasons they decide to visit the mall and utilize

the key insight to create communication strategies :

• Reliable brand and products

• To try product / touch & feel

• In-shop recommendation from fashion experts


We developed communication concept "WHERE YOU DISCOVER LUXURY" we aim to make Central Village becomes

the luxury lifestyle destination for our target audience follow :

• Defined by the page persona to trendsetters and fashionistas.

• We have also established 3 content pillars to support this strategy :

          • "What's Hot" to attract attention through promotions and incentives.

          • "Lifestyle" to register the luxury lifestyle experience.

          • "Shopaholic" to build and amplify the need so that our customers never miss a shopping opportunity.


Fan growth +21%

Organic Reach +5.12%

  • 12073159119504
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