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The challenge came in with the shopping experience of our brand in the premium market as we could not offer product testing due to the lockdown and covid outbreak. Therefore, we should manage to win the purchase only via online platform.


- We started selling our product with the key message to mimic the skincare searching activity from our target audience which is to find “ตำรา สูตรดูแลผิว” to be กี่ร้อยตำรา ก็ไม่สู้ “ตำลา” as our product is generally extract the active ingredient from Donkey milk (ลา)

- We used solution approach to market our product together with the proof on the efficacy of Donkey milk.

- Knowing that product would have the trust issue after launching, therefore we prepared the influencer campaign via twitter and tiktok which we only recruited influencer that normally do myth busting content to debunk the trust issue from our product. Moreover we also featured product with premium influencer to build the image of best choice among top society.

- We also worked on zero moment of truth to capture intent audience with positive review and product comparison between brand to urge for higher willingness to purchase and expand share of voice.


- Increase search volume by brand keyword by 3 times

- Reach 4 millions audience with overall engagement rate at 20%

- Campaign can drive traffic to shopee at 72,000 traffic within campaign period.

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