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Bao first entered the market with low awareness on both product and brand level. However, in opportunity area of the market – it was rare to find 100% authentic herbal drink with the long shelf life. The challenge on this product was to build the awareness to conversion and to counter the bias that herbal drink was for old people since the brief was to aim for young generation.


- To be counter with the image of herbal drink among young generation, we came up with the disruptive execution to do brand collaboration with stylish cafe and ice-cream brand to register the image that Bao was herbal drink for new generation and open up to try the product.
- Communication message for the brand was also crafted to win in herbal and functional drink at the same time as we bold the message to be “Healthy Drink with power to rebalance the energy in your body and soul
- healing your body with benefits of the herb and relieve the stress of soul with cooling power from herb”
- We also created occasion to drink product by introducing new menu that you can add Bao into your dish
- Moreover, after launching the product, we saw that there was a great opportunity to utilize the current user to repeat purchase via Line shopping as behavior showed that they often came back to purchase our product after first try. 


- Drive Bao fanpage by 2,000 followers and overachieved committed KPI by 30% in all metrics
- Drive great amount of traffic to market place and to finish all the stock for the product within short period.

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